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can help you produce your ESEF reports.
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Amelkis XBRL is a digital platform dedicated to producing financial reports in XBRL format
Designed by the best consolidation specialists, Amelkis XBRL automates and assure reliability of the entire tagging process of financial statements. Amelkis XBRL is also a great disclosure management tool which considerably reduces the time required to design reports. Finally, Amelkis XBRL offers you very intuitive graphic design tools for communication agencies. The solution is available in SaaS or On-premise mode.
A solution that fits your goals
Simple compliance, real communication strategy, large groups, small cap... No matter what organization you are in, Amelkis XBRL allows you to quickly reach your goals with a modular approach. You can load your Excel tables directly, set up a connector, design your reference document online or load an existing document, carry out taxonomy extensions, ensure the layout of your documents or use a communications agency.
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Convert your Excel tables into XBLR

Drop to XBRL

You're used to designing all your tables on Excel. Don't change anything and import all your documents directly. The app automatically recognizes your accounting codes and does the mapping with taxonomy. The setting is fast. The audit trail allows you to immediately find the details of each XBRL indicator.

Interface your consolidation software directly

The connector

Incorporate information from your consolidation software on demand. Your data is automatically mapped to taxonomy. The audit trail is complete and allows you to zoom directly into XBRL states. Setting up is quick and easy thanks to a user-oriented interface.

Tag your side information

Manual Tagging

To complete the mark-up, mark the appendices and identification elements by selecting the relevant information by area. The app automatically offers you the most suitable XBRL concept. The tagged information is identified by a colour highlight.

Centralize all your documents

Disclosure management

To create a reference document mobilizes your team for several months. To speed up deadlines, facilitate collaboration and data exchange, the entire process is now digitized. The documents are created directly online. To ensure data security, access rights are automatically allocated based on the theme of each document. The app makes it easy to track changes, validate each source, and apply the format inline-XBRL.

Produce the layout or collaborate with a communications agency

Design editor XBRL

To complete the layout of your final document, you can start from an existing document, insert your XBRL tables and tag the credentials. You can also create links and build a single report from documents validated in the Disclosure module. To make it easier to produce the layout, the app offers several standard templates. You also have all the layout features (automatic summary, paragraph, style management). Amelkis XBRL also facilitates the work of communication agencies by giving them specific access.
Amelkis Solutions, a reference editor
Amelkis XBRL is the newest of the applications developed by Amelkis. Founded in 2004, Amelkis is a well-known publisher in the world of consolidation and reporting. Amelkis solutions have more than 6,000 users in 40 countries. Amelkis XBRL was developed on the new Amelkis Web service platform. Extremely reliable and efficient, it applies the latest international standards mobile first, user centric. Amelkis is a member of XBRL France.
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To succeed in your ESEF project, Amelkis has surrounded itself with specialized firms. The support of these firms gives you speed and security in the mapping process, as well as expertise in HTML publication and tagging practices. They ensure the organization of workshops, the formalization of your strategy and the deployment of the Amelkis iXBRL solution in the best conditions.
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