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Amelkis XBRL is a one-stop Cloud solution to automatically convert your Pdf or Word reference document to Inline XBRL. Tagging is handled automatically. The application maintains the original graphic quality of your documents.
ESEF, what obligation and for whom?
From January 1, 2020, ESMA introduced the obligation of a single electronic reporting format, the ESEF (European Single Electronic Format), requiring issuers to use a single standard for dematerialization of financial statements : iXBRL (short for inline eXtensible Business Reporting Language). Companies issuing shares or bonds on Euronext that publish consolidated IFRS accounts must file their RFA or URD in In Line XBRL format. This HTML web format incorporates markup for primary financial data.
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Find the concepts that correspond to your states in the XBRL dictionary thanks to our experts during a workshop:

The mapping

The XBRL dictionary contains 7000 entries. Amelkis searches this taxonomy for concepts that correspond to your reports and offers you a mapping in accordance with “ESMA manual reporting”.
It is also documented for the review of the statutory auditors.
Objectives: To save time, to understand, to arbitrate, not to forget anything and to avoid the pitfalls.

Create your taxonomy in the Amelkis XBRL application:

The settings

The Amelkis application makes it possible to adapt the standard European taxonomy in a few hours in accordance with the mapping defined in the workshop. Amelkis also accompanies you in this step.
Objectives: Have an operational application ready to tag your documents

Import your documents:

Automatic tagging of your tables

The Amelkis XBRL application automatically converts your PDF, Word, Indesign reference document. The application automatically interprets financial statements and enables automatic tagging. The application then generates the Inline XBRL report which you will post to your website instead of the usual PDF.
Objectives: Download your Inline XBRL report for filing and financial reporting.

Entrust us with your tagging:

An offer included in your subscription

As part of your subscription to the Amelkis XBRL application, you can entrust Amelkis with the tagging of your reference document. Amelkis is committed to performing all stages - tagging - checking - of InLine XBRL generation within 24 hours. This service is provided in France by specialist consultants.

Take our XBRL training courses:

Become autonomous

Amelkis offers accelerated training to allow you to tag your documents and be autonomous in updating your taxonomy. This training is modular in order to best meet your expectations.
Amelkis Solutions, a benchmark publisher
Amelkis XBRL is the most recent application developed by Amelkis. Created in 2004, Amelkis Solutions is a recognized publisher in the world of consolidation and reporting. Amelkis software has more than 6000 users in 40 countries and more than 2000 groups use its applications. The company is a member of the XBRL Europe association.
Here are some of the groups whose 2020 reference document will be tagged and validated with the Amelkis XBRL solution:  POUJOULAT,
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Amelkis XBRL is a 100% Web Cloud application and XBRL certified
The Amelkis XBRL application does not require any installation on your workstation. You can access the application with your usual browser Chrome, Safari, Edge, Mozilla.
The validation of published documents (taxonomies and reports) is essential to guarantee their readability and quality. XBRL Software certification was obtained by Amelkis XBRL. Indeed the software has shown that the XBRL format produced and the XBRL validation system provided are established in full compliance with the standard. This is an essential element for compliant ESEF filings that the application guarantees.
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